Superfeast Shizandra 100g


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This ‘beauty berry’ of the Orient was used by ancient Chinese royalty to preserve youthfulness, enhance physical radiance, boost sexual desire and as a potent reproductive tonic. This nourishing adaptogenic herb also helps balance the nervous system, improve brain function, elevate immunity and support all five major organs.

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One of the most revered anti-ageing herbs of the Taoist tonic system, schizandra (schisandra) enters into all five major organs and twelve meridians, promoting radiance from within. The powerful herb helps to cultivate Jing, tones the liver, increases circulation and Qi, nurtures the heart, opens the lungs and supports Shen. Our extracts are potent - it takes 10 kgs of schizandra berries to make 1 kg of our extract powder. Small doses over a longer period of time is the tonic herbal way. MAY SUPPORT: STRESS & SLEEP SKIN RADIANCE SEXUAL FUNCTION RESPIRATORY SYSTEM JING, QI & SHEN KIDNEY YIN

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Wild & semi-wild cultivated schizandra berry water extract powder.