Superfeast Reishi 50g


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Regarded by ancient herbalists as the ‘mushroom of immortality’, modern herbalists love reishi for its powerful adaptogenic qualities. Reishi is used to support the immune system, relieve stress, strengthen the spirit, calm the mind and promote peaceful sleep.

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In traditional Chinese Medicine, reishi is considered a spiritual herb, one of the top Taoist herbs believed to nourish our Shen - the spiritual essence of our being. Reishi is one of the most studied herbs in the world, and is highly regarded in Eastern medicine. Western science recognises reishi as a powerful immune herb and as an adaptogen (for its ability to help us adapt to stress). MAY SUPPORT: HEART & IMMUNE SYSTEM STRESS MANAGEMENT LIVER, KIDNEYS & LUNGS CARDIOVASCULAR FUNCTION HEALTHY SLEEP & MOOD JING, QI & SHEN

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Semi-wild duanwood-grown, dual-extracted red reishi mushroom fruiting body extract powder.