The Healthy Chef Naked Mylk Chocolate 350g


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A creamy + delicious European style drinking chocolate made from mineral-rich cocoa, lucuma, carob, cinnamon and wildcrafted vanilla bean. GLUTEN FREE – DAIRY FREE – SUGAR-FREE (no added sugar) enjoy hot or cold. The healthy way to indulge + enliven the senses.

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Product Information

Healthy Chef Naked Chocolat Mylk is delicious drinking chocolate free of any added sugars or sweeteners, containing mineral-rich cacao, lucuma and carob providing natural hints of sweetness and caramel. Tasting notes: Creamy cacao with hints of caramel Primary Benefits: Gluten-free, vegan drinking chocolate. Free of any added sugars and preservatives for a healthy choice of drink. How to use: Delicious when mixed with cold milk of your choice for a sugar-free chocolate milkshake.

Product Ingredients

Raw Cacao (47.08%), Organic Carob Powder, Lucuma, Vanilla Bean (0.47%), Cinnamon, French Artisan Sea Salt