Natural Grocer Premium Muesli 750g

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Delicious Premium muesli with a mix of fruits, nuts, and grains.

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Product Information

A tasy blend of muesli, essential for any kind of breakfasts or healthy snack. This premium muesli features Oats, Wheat, Triticale, Sunflower, Sultanas, Dried Apricots, Dates, Almonds, Pepitas, Coconut, Bran Straws, and Dried Paw Paw to bring you amazing flavour.

Product Ingredients

Oats, Wheat, Triticale, Sunflower, Sultanas (Sunflower Oil), Dried Apricots (E220), Dates (Vegetable Oil), Almonds, Pepitas, Coconut (E202), Bran Straws (Wheat Bran (75%), Wheat Starch, Sugar, Salt), Dried Paw Paw (Sugar, E220).