Healtheries Goats Milk Powder 450gm

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100% Pure Goats’ Milk Powder is free from additives and made using New Zealand or Australian goat’s milk.

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Looking for a substitute to cowês milk that is both delicious and healthy? Healtheries 100% Pure Goats' Milk Powder is free from additives - only the water is extracted. It mixes easily with water to form milk, or you can use it to make yoghurt and ice cream, or add it to smoothies and baking. Made from fresh New Zealand or Australian goat's milk without the use of any additives. It is easily digested making it perfect for anyone who is sensitive or allergic to cowês milk. It is suitable for both adults and children. This product is not suitable as a complete milk food for children under the age of two years. It is also not suitable as an infant formula or used as a sole source of infant nutrition under one year of age.

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100% Goats Milk Powder