Desert Island Confectionery Kresho Bar Choc Almond Nougat 45gm


Vegan chewy noughat with slow roasted crunchy almonds and pure couverture chocolate.

Short Description

Product Information

Desert Island Confectionary Kresho Bar is a much-loved traditional sweet with a delightful twist. With a perfectly balanced, mouth-watering combination of chewy nougat, slow roasted crunchy almonds and a decadent amount of pure couverture chocolate, the Kresho bar is sure to hit all the right spots! Australian made and 100% non-GMO. Tip: If you enjoy a crunchy nougat, try placing your Kresho bar it in the fridge first... it's a delicious crunch you won't soon forget!

Product Ingredients

sugar, almonds, glucose (corn), cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, glycerine (vegetable), soy protein, salt, xanthan gum, soy lecithin, vanilla.