Arkon Hair Loss 30c

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ARCON TISANE hair loss Capsules are specially formulated from a combination of essential nutrients and Fenugreek.

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The all-natural ARCON VITAMIN FORMULA contains 100% of the essential Vitamins and Minerals good for healthy hair growth as well as high levels of Fenugreek and B vitamins. Our formula is not designed to grow new hair where there was none, it is designed to reduce hair loss, therefore reversing male and female pattern balding. Arcon is formulated to make the hair that grows, healthier, thicker, and stronger. The fenugreek formula will make your EXISTING hair grow faster due to the high FENUGREEK and vitamin content as well as stop thinning hair associated with menopause, stress, childbirth, puberty, etc. Other Vitamins can be beneficial to healthy hair growth such as Folic Acid, Magnesium, Vit E. ARCON Hair Vitamins are unique as they assist in hair regeneration as well as rid the follicle of inflammation associated with hair thinning, limp, weak, frizzy and fragile hair.