We provide a wide range of supplements to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Rainbow Organic stocks the most trusted brands in natural supplements and we are more than happy to help you find the best one for your individual needs.

Gluten Free Products:

Try our huge range of Gluten Free products from brands like Orgran, Well and Good, Bob’s Red Mill, Food To Nourish, Gluten Free Bakery.

Non Dairy Ice Creams:

We offer coconut based desserts that are vibrant in flavour with smooth creamy consistency, from popular brands like Zebra Dream, Coyo to name a few. A great alternative for those with a sweet tooth.

Farmented Foods:

This food has a wide range of health benefits and is great for gut health. Choose from our range of fermented foods, such as Kimchi and Saurkraut.

Kombucha Drinks:

This wonderful drink has been around for over 2000 years and is celebrated for its remedial properties, especially in its ability to aid detoxification and improve digestion

Gelatin and Bone Broth:

Bone broth is a traditional food and is very nutrient dense. It is used in a wide range of recipes. Gelatin is also a very versatile food, filled with collagen – which is beneficial for your hair skin and nails.

Peanut Butter:

Our peanut butter is made onsite just from real peanuts. It has no added sugar, oil or salt. Try our peanut butter and taste the difference.

Pantry Basics:

Dried fruits, activated nuts, meal, flours, grass-fed gelatine powder, organic bone broth, natural sweeteners, raw sugar, honey and syrup and other lots of healthy tasty natural ingredients. We stock only the finest suppliers to create an excellent meal for the whole family. See our friendly staff in store for more information.


Nourish your body and boost your wellbeing with Acai, Goji, Maca, Spirulina, Chia and other wholesome natural food.

Protein Powder:

We carry wide range of raw, activated, natural vegan protein powder. To suit every body’s needs. We also carry traditional whey protein.

Low Carb Food:

If you are trying to limit your intake of carbohydrates, we have a number of low carb and healthy products to use in your kitchen.

Paleo and Protein Bars:

We carry wide selection of healthy bars and snack including Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar, Quest, Clif. Our raw chocolate section is filled with yummy treats from Loving Earth, Pana. The Chocolate Yogi, Raw Revolution, just to name just a few.

Natural Hair Colour:

Try ammonia-free natural hair colour from the popular brands like Herbatint, Tints of Nature, Naturstyle, Nourish and Hanna range. They are all free from harsh chemicals which provide natural and vibrant hair colour, without all the nasty chemicals


Heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally from pure, natural premium quality essential 100% oil. All of these are free from animal testing and harsh ingredients. We offer brands such as Sprinfields, Oil Garden and Lively living.

Make up:

We stock healthy natural make-up, free from any nasties for normal, oily, dry or combination skin. Brands can be choose from Eco Mineral, Ere Perez, Lavera and Scout Cosmetics.